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Stay on Course

From the ground, I look like I had nailed my objective. From above, I can see where I clearly missed the mark. It was a 2.5 acre plot in Bull Creek, a wildlife preservation area, that I was supposed to bush hog. But there was 1 problem, I had no markers indicating the boundary line, and there were no structures around to help guide me. As I bush hogged this field, I did everything I could think of to stay on track, and I thought it worked. But at the end of the job I could tell something was off, especially when the customer hung up on me in frustration.

The book of Hebrews is here to remind us that God, through His Son, has placed boundary markers for us. These are not the boundary markers of the law or the written commandments, or any other behavioral modification system, rather boundary markers that are truly His voice guiding us through this life teaching us about things pertaining to righteousness and faith in Him. Much like bush hogging in a field where it is easy to loose sight of where you are without keeping an eye on a mark, so too are we to keep our eyes on the Son and ears on His words, lest we drift away. Peter knew this very well as it only took 1 second of fear to distract him from His trust in Jesus and cause him to sink.

The beauty of the Gospel is this, even if we are to drift or sink away from our faith, the Father, unlike an angry customer who hangs up on you, will discipline us in a way that trains us to be more attentive to His Son's voice, therefore strengthening our faith in Him.

The next time you have found that you missed the mark and are trespassing in an area of life where you don't belong, simply go back to where you knew the boundary marker was, Jesus.

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