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If Jesus were to Pastor a Church Would He?

If Jesus were to Pastor a Church would He?

I am a pastor at Midtown Church here in Melbourne Florida, the sunshine state, the rainy state, the hot state, the cloudy state, the no electricity after a hurricane comes through state (we have it all covered except the cold state). Each and every week I consider my Sunday post behind my invisible pulpit (modern pastor’s set a small table to the side and preach with no hindrance) as a post of great honor and responsibility, one I was called to, not one I pursued as a good career choice.

As I consider preaching and my upcoming message I often times talk to my Father about my desire to change the lives and hearts of those listening. I know I have a role in this, but I know my ego is too big and I assume more of the role then I should. To be honest, what I had to do over the past several years is I had to ask God to wipe away all pre-conceived notions of what, not just my sermons, but what lower case “c” church should be like, in order to show me how to take care of his most precious gift, you.

As I ponder these things, I wondered what it would be like to be in a church that Jesus was the Pastor of. How would He handle the ends ands out of church and the Sunday morning message. Would He:

Remind His church that it is there responsibility to keep the lights on, and so tell them to give generously each time the plate passes or as they walk by the box in the back of the room?

Would He have weekly meetings with the Worship leader letting him/her know that the song choice was terrible or spot on?

Would Jesus command all parents in the church to volunteer twice a year in the children ministry program?

Would He talk down to his congregants because they show up every other week, or because they were Chreasters?

Would Jesus hold staff meetings that constantly talked about closing the back door of the church so no one would leave and look for another?

Would He be more concerned about those outside of the church that never want to come in or those inside the church struggling to hold on to their faith?

Would He cast grand plans for the future building program and hold vision meetings declaring what the church out to look like 5 years down the road?

Would He be frustrated if the seats were only 40% full?

Would He leave to pastor another church if the church could not afford to pay Him any more?

Would He chastise the 80% for only giving 20%?

Would He spend more time on illustrations and sermon titles and series branding then He would just talking to His church about what Isaiah said and how it applied to the Messiah and their new lives?

I don’t fully know the answers to these questions but I have a hunch that the answer to this next question paves the path to answering the ones above.

Would He treat those in His church as if they were worth dying for?

I hope your church treats you as if you were worth dying for, because God so loved you that He sent His one and only Son to die for you that if you believe in Him you will have eternal life. He did not send His son to condemn you but to save you.

If Jesus was to be your Pastor, would He…be writing a blog post about Himself Pastoring a Church? Probably not.

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