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Satan, Let's Talk

You do not understand, you are not harming me, you are making me stronger. Yes the pain, the affliction, and the fear, yes it hurts and it hurts like hell, pun intended, but in the end, I love it. You are missing something here, my God works in my pain to draw me closer to him. I am told to resist you, and I will every step of the way.

Yes but you don’t see what I see. Every time I throw an arrow or send one of my helpers your way, you fall to the ground in a clear posture of submission to me. I have you right where I want you, in a feeble position, weak and helpless begging for help.

Oh but if you can only see what I see in that moment; I don’t see your face, no Satan, the powers of darkness do not even creep into my mind. What I see as I am on my knees is the face of a Father whose steadfast love is not failing. What you perceive as submission to you is in reality honor and praise to my Father. Yes, you are right, each arrow pierces deep and causes me to fall to my knees, and yet each time my knee strikes the ground; my resolve, my trust in the Lord strengthens more and more. You see Satan I will resist you, but in the end, when my resistance fails, I will also embrace the pain that comes my way that you think you caused me, because with each blow, I, like my Savior, am surrendering my flesh to live in the full awareness of my new self.

Ah, but at least you admit it, I am the one who causes you pain, and therefore, worship me by denying God, and I can remove the pain.

And yet, you do not see the life of death you live in. Your road, your journey has no hope. The powers you have to torment are under the full authority of Jesus Christ, which means you are powerless without Him Therefore I worship the One who is in full control, not partial control, if you even want to call it that. For without His permission, I would never be harmed by you. This is why I embrace the pain and the suffering as God’s favor on my life. It destroys the very thing that will be destroyed in the end, the very thing that you tempted to begin with, the flesh. We die together, but I rise eternally.

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