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It's Tough Being Me and You

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Another 14 hour day and this knucklehead driving in front of me can't seem to hit the speed limit.

I get grumpy when I get tired, and in my state of exhaustion I tend to see the inner workings of my mind, the sub-conscious thoughts that are flowing beneath the surface of my life, and you fill most of those thoughts. Trust me, I don't like you taking up space in my mind, but you do. I tried evicting you a few years ago and I honestly thought you left, but there you are driving in front of me doing 2 mph under the speed limit; knucklehead.

It would be ok for you to occupy the corners of my mind, the areas I reserve for thoughts I like to bury, if you didn't make any noise, but you like to come out and play.

Have you ever noticed your mind is always filled with thoughts of people's existence. One minute it is the comparison of your life vs. the nearest breathing creature, the next minute it is the knucklehead in front of you, then in a rare moment of joy, you lift someone else up in your own thinking because they threw you a compliment. Well I hope the thoughts I have about you continue to improve because it is exhausting being me and judging your every move at the same time.

The true mark of humility, according to God, is you seeing others as more important than yourself. This means you should be allowed free rent in my conscious and sub conscious, and I should enjoy your presence despite the noise, because you are important. What a picture of Jesus and what we are becoming.

In the meantime, would you mind revving it up to 78 mph please, I need to check my news feed on my social media account, it's been 12 minutes since my last check-in!

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