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Greg Harris

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[ Why Tractor Pastor ]

I never really gave pastoring much thought, let alone church planting. But half way through my fist year in seminary a professor of mine strongly suggested I plant a church after I finished my Master of Divinity degree.  My wife and I entered into a season of praying and testing the Spirit as we searched God's will for our nearing future. 

There are many different ways to start a church.  Some churches are started from an existing church, some churches go through a church planting organization, and still others start in a living room with no outside support.  We were the later.  There are also different ways to pastor.  Some pastors are able to provide for their family while being a full time pastor, while others choose to take a job outside of the  church.  The Bi-Vocational Pastor chooses this path for a reason.  For some it's because they need a larger income than the church can provide in order to take care of their family and make their living budget.  Other Bi-Vocational Pastors prefer to stay connected to the community by working in it while still listening to God's call on their life to bring the Gospel on Sunday mornings. 

When Midtown Church was planted in 2012 I was still in Seminary.  I did not know what to expect but I had high hopes of building the church quickly and one day receiving full time compensation.  Midtown Church was started with no money or sending church, just a call on me and my family to start a Church dedicated to preserving the Word of God and living life with anyone He chooses to bring into our path.  The next several years were filled with ups and downs, laughter and tears, Full - Time ministry and Bi-Vocational opportunities.  Through these years God refined and molded my desires and talents until He allowed me to settle into a season I could never dream up by myself.  

In 2017 my family and I took a leap of faith and went all in as a Bi-Vocational Pastor.  Being business minded and having a past of starting and selling many successful lawn care businesses, I was excited to venture into a new realm of outside work - Tractor and Bobcat services.  By 2018 my wife had quit her job and entered into a full time position in our company as well as entered into a larger role of serving at church.  Our family was now fully united in both serving the church God had called us to start and work along each other as we serve the community around us. I use to believe people looked down on me for being a Bi-Vocational Pastor, and there are some that might, but I had never been more at peace as God guided me and my family to love those at Midtown Church, and share the good news of the Gospel to those we came into contact with due to our family business.  This was when "Tractor Pastor" was born.

Skip to Fall of 2022. Our family felt lead to take a break from ministry as our family entered into a new season of reaching the community in a different way - a u-pick flower farm in NW Palm Bay. Though we miss our Midtown Church family every day, we have a great peace about what the Lord is doing in us as we are in this season of rest from ministry, and through us in our amazing community both through our small family farm and through guest preaching for pastors who need a week to rest.

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